Our Group

our group

TRUST started in Argentina in 2003 in order to offer services designed and developed for minimizing risks within the trade chain of products in the local or international market, with representations all over the World.
TRUST is an independent inspection group, which can assist you during production process, distribution and trading of products as well as for exports and/or imports of goods and commodities.

Our Values

  • Respect to our Clients and their demands
  • Responsibility for our service
  • Professional skills of our team
  • Transparent and straight dealing

Our Principles

  • High quality services
  • Proper work management
  • Just in time information and reporting
  • Continuous development of our work system and team training
  • Reliable relations with Customers

our group

TRUST group, has a professional qualified staff with a large expertise in supervision procedures.

TRUST Professionals follow a continuous training program and are all equipped with top technology devices.

TRUST can carry out audits, verifications, inspections and independent certifications of a wide range of goods and commodities using highly qualified teams.

TRUST is accredited by the main entities/federations ruling local and international trade/contracts and rules/ recommendations/ methods,… are properly applied to give the highest support in our service.

our group03
apply to a large range of commodities, products, materials as well as to a wide range of areas such as production process, plants,… in both private and public sectors.

is based on reports containing information such as quantity, quality, adjustment to apply, approval of safety, specific requirements, or approval of general requirements upon professional judgement, the principal objective being to minimize risks for our Clients as well as for all the commercial string and for the final Consumers.

provide tailor-made solutions against major trade risks. Trust can propose global service packages/ covers: for weight/ quantity/ quality differences on a consignment, between loading and discharge ports, marine insurance risks placed on behalf and for account of their Clients with first class Underwriters, for costs related to the rejection of a vessel by Authorities ; and for costs of demurrage and/or re-treatment incurred at discharge ports in case of infestation reoccurring during transportation.