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Laboratory in ukraine

Over the years we have developed our own analytical laboratory in order to support our customers at every link in the supply chain from harvesting to transportation and handling.

Trust Control International Laboratory was founded in January 2011 as an analysis institute. Today, it is an innovative and leading organization for analysis services capable of running a wide range of tests using the very latest technologies.

The Trust Control Laboratory carries out routine physical and chemical analysis of a variety of agricultural and other products. We are using the state of the art equipment and communication technology.

Laboratory provides the testing services in a timely manner with the best possible quality. Our quality management system specifies all of the policies, procedures and work instructions necessary to ensure that testing and services are performed in conformance to client requirements. Our extensive quality assurance program, well-trained staff, and state of the art instrumentation will bring to you, our client, the very best in analytical services

Our goal is to deliver reliable and trustable results on time at competitive terms and let you stay ahead in your business.