Metals, Minerals, Ores, Fertilizers

Trust Control offers its services to all market segments of the Mineral commodities – from coal and coke, non-ferrous metals, minerals and ores to steel and steelmaking raw materials, fertilizers, cement, industrial minerals, as well as geochemical and metallurgical materials.

Trust Control offers a broad spectrum of value-added solutions to reduce risk, enhance value and maximize returns at each step of the value
chain. Services range from the simple quality and quantity inspection and testing for minerals to complex inspections in producing plants.

With a unique coverage of the minerals value chain and global presence Trust Control is a leading supplier of innovative and technologically
advanced services to help clients achieve their goals and protect their interests against unforeseen risks.

We can intervene at various stages such as

Metals, Minerals, Ores, Fertilizers
  • Pre-shipment inspection,
  • Supervision of loading/transhipment/discharge,
  • Monitoring of cargo storage/handling/stowage,
  • Warehouse inspection,
  • Tally of packed goods,
  • Weight control on scales,
  • Draft Survey of sea-going and river vessels, barge and lighters,
  • Sampling in accordance with international standards to ensure accurate identity,
  • Analytical testing of goods in approved and certified Laboratories,
  • Radioactivity testing.